Remover Lotion

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Great makeup starts from great skin - minimize your base make-up with Skin Refiner's Remover Lotion to soothe and refresh. Formulated with bio-minerals, natural ingredients and HA extract, this pre-clean lotion gently cleanses deep into the skin while removing excess oils, impurities and stubborn dead skin cells without stripping away the skin's natural PH. Made suitable for dry, oily, acne and combination skin, feel rejuvenated instantly with every cleansing experience.


Direction of Use 使用方法

Dispense one or two pumps of the product onto a cotton pad before applying it to the skin. Gently massage in the product in circular motions to dislodge makeup, excess oils and impurities on the skin. Then, rinse the hands and massage the face again before rinsing off with water.


Suitable For

All skin types except sensitive skin 



Demo Video

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